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I post things that i'm feeling, so I can look back at this blog like its a journal. 

I miss you terribly.. Please don’t forget me
28. September 2014

I really crave what I can’t have.. I can’t have that physical bond with him that reassures me that I’m safe, so I’m left to be anxious and lonely. And for me, those two are a terrible mix destined for disaster.
I’m trying to hold it together for my own sanity… But I can’t.
Sometimes I brake, and I guess that’s ok. But breaking hurts, I’d rather have my wonderful man here to fix me.
Even to hold a hand. Wipe away tears, look me in my eyes. Tell me it’s going to all be okay, kiss my forehead gently, but don’t forget my lips. Give me time and comfort that I need…just lay here with me and let me feel safe enough to sleep.
That would be amazing, but I have to wait…

27. September 2014


I’m feeling passionate about midwifery, and what it stands for.

Passionate about welcoming beautiful children into the world, where they will grow and develop to be whoever they are destined to be.

Passionate about providing women with the care they desire and need throughout their pregnancy,birth and antenatal period; giving them an experience they can appreciate and feel content with. Giving them the best support I can.

Passionate about being in such an honorary position of trust. Being a witness to life in all its glory, the emotional roller coaster that women and their family go through and the momentous milestone they have reached. 

Passionate to reach out to people from all walks of life, and treat them in the best way possible, regardless of their thoughts/opinions of birth, their religion,age, race, etc, etc. Getting to see diversity each and everyday will be refreshing to me and interesting to embrace such diversity. 

I’m passionate to learn, understand and be amazed by what i do not yet know about the world of midwifery.

Passionate for the excitement of safe arrivals of wonderful children, and seeing the joy they bring to expectant parents and families.

Passionate to overcome fears, and exceed my own expectations. 

I’m passionate to face this challenging job with all I have. Passionate to make a mark in people’s life and make a difference in the way midwives are seen. I do not only want this for myself, but for other midwives too. Be thankful to be in such a rewarding and magnificent job.

I am a long way away from my dream career yet, but knowing I have a direction now, I have a goal and a dream, is so motivating. I know I can do it and I can’t wait until I get there. I understand there will be struggles, and it will not be easy, but I will do everything in my power to get there. Whether it be in 5 years, 10 years, 30 years or more, I will get there. 

I am only 16 as of right now, and I have to complete my a-Levels, and a bachelor’s degree before my career is even a possibility… so until then I aim to work hard, gain as much experience as possible, learn as much as I can and stay motivated. 

I love midwifery and birth, so fascinating and absolutely beautiful.


Before you were born, God knew your name. He has a special plan for your life.

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miss him
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